How To Choose An Ideal Gas Tankless Water Heater?

First of all, it is important to note that many people are dissatisfied with gas heaters. True, it is a delicate and requires a careful choice, a lot of care and planning before you buy so that it works properly and does not cause frustration after the purchase.

Many people end up buying their gas tankless water heater on impulse or choosing the cheapest model, after all, it is a fairly high priced equipment. Most of the builders have been designing their apartments for use of the gas heater instead of the electric shower. So the demand for heaters has grown a lot. On Demand Hot Water you can use different types of water heater.

digital gas water heater

Most problems with gas tankless water heaters, according to our research, occur due to the inadequate choice of heater for your need (lack of information, failure to consult sales), wrong heater choice for gas type, wrong accessory kit, bad installation, inadequate water pressure for installation, among others.

To help you not make these mistakes so easily let’s share many tips below so you’ll be satisfied when you buy your gas tankless water heater and it will not turn into a headache.

Types of Gas

The first thing you need to know before buying a gas heater is to know the type of gas that will be used.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) – It is the most common gas, it is the famous gas of kitchen, used in the majority of the buildings and houses, for its ease of supply that uses cylinders, be it in houses or apartments.

Natural Gas (NG) – Gas is supplied from pipelines coming from the street, usually used by large companies and gas stations. Usually found in large cities. In smaller cities the supply of this type of gas ends up being more restricted to companies.

Do you still not know the type of gas in your house or apartment? Look in the builder’s manual or ask the trustee for your building. He will surely be able to give you the right kind of gas.

Types of Gas Water Heaters

In general we can define that there are two types of gas tankless water heater. The mechanical or digital exhaust heater.

Difference between mechanical and digital gas heater

The main difference between the mechanical heater and the digital heater is that in the tankless water heaters, the flame is fixed, regardless of the amount of water that passes through the apparatus. So for example, if you have two showers open and turn off one of them, the other tends to get warmer because the flame is fixed, the temperature is fixed, it can cause burns if not used carefully.

The digital heater has an automatic modulation system that regulates the flame according to the amount of water being requested, making the equipment more efficient and pleasant.

Mechanical gas heater

The mechanical gas tankless water heater also known as manual heater, is the oldest model on the market, usually has temperature regulation, gas volume and manual water volume with butterflies arranged in front of the appliance. For best tankless water heater review you can visit 10ion.

The appliance can be found in two formats, natural exhaust that eliminates the gas naturally or forced exhaust that has a fan that expels the gas burned by the appliance. There are many people who prefer the “good old manual heater” at On demand water heating because they believe that it is best to have total control of the flame regardless of the volume of water that passes in the appliance. However, this type of heater also has many disadvantages compared to digital (newer) models, especially when you have more than one shower or more than one point connected to the heater.

Benefits of Mechanical Gas Heater

  • System simpler than digital.
  • Manual adjustment of all factors.
  • Constant temperature.

Digital Gas Heater

The electric tankless water heater reviews is the newest model in the market, different from the mechanical heater, the digital model has a flame modulation system, more efficient and more economical because it heats the water at the temperature set by you according to the need of flow, that is, it adapts to the amount of water that is needed for the distribution points.

In the digital model, you only set the desired temperature and follow the display. All other controls are performed automatically by the appliance.

For example, if you have an open shower and open another shower, it adapts automatically to meet the two points simultaneously, heating a larger volume of water with a larger flame, closing one of the showers or lowering one of the mixers, the system adapts to the new need, avoiding wasted gas.

Benefits of Digital Gas Heater

  • More efficient, it spends less.
  • It adapts better to variations in water requirements.
  • More precise temperature control.
  • It has better elaborated security systems.
  • More durable.