6 Best Luxurious Watches for Men Under $1,000 in 2022

When looking for a timepiece that price around $1,000 can sometimes be unfavorable on your part. This is because it is between the affordable sets or grail-level watches you can purchase directly at the department stores. If you’re facing this situation right now, then don’t be afraid to spend such an amount; having $1,000 can give you a great watch already. Remember that the best timepiece that costs under $1,000 has great features and top-notch quality to compete with most renowned brands while still outlasting inexpensively and common watches.

Numerous watches that fall in this price range are already premium offerings from brands best known for more affordable timepieces. This implies that you might not get an instant watch, let’s say from Rolex, but a real watch lover will appreciate and recognize these watches’ value for what they are. These watches listed below offer prices under $1,000 but still look so expensive and an heirloom that you can pass for future generations. Check these out!

1. Tissot PRS 516 Chronograph

One of the best and affordable watches that the Tissot Watches brand ever released is this Tissot PRS 516. This Swiss-made timepiece is a real racing watch that features a great and precise chronograph, tachymeter bezel, and a leather racing strap. All of the materials used to create this PRS 516 Chronograph are high-quality with its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel, and one-of-a-kind stainless steel case.


For a timepiece under $1,000, this model from Tissot is worth buying and investing in. with its automatic movement and a transparent case back, everyone will adore how they can see the movement while at work.

2. Frederique Constant Business Timer

The next watch on the list that is under $1,000 is a great watch from Frederique Constant. Despite that this Swiss brand is much younger than other most luxurious watch companies (being founded in 1988), they still offer good – if not better – elegant timepieces than many old ones. This Business Time timepiece is proof of the brand’s expertise in creating watches; it is sporting an elegant yet highly wearable style that anyone would love and, of course, a top-notch material.

Moreover, what makes this watch stand out from the rest is its moon phase sub-dial, which is useful for the astronomers out there and just a plain cool timepiece for the rest. It boasts a comfy calfskin leather strap and a sapphire crystal face.

3. Seiko Prospex

The brand Seiko has existed in the watchmaking industry for 140 years now. They are always best known for being ultra-reliable and classic watches that come at a very affordable price. This Prospex diver watch offers such an incredible value, with its premium components that you cannot find with other timepieces. It features a reliable automatic movement, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and a date function.

More than that, this Seiko Prospex boasts a water-resistance up to 200 meters, making it a great and usable diving watch while still providing fashion statement vibes. It comes in large size with its case diameter of 44mm, but large sizes also work very well to the rugged diver character.

4. Longines Presence

Classic dress watches are one of the expensive options found at most watch shops. But with Longines Presence, you don’t need to spend and drop tents of thousands to get a sophisticated timepiece like this. This timepiece from Longines, a Swiss brand, is branded for being such a suave timekeeper.

Longines was founded way back in 1832, which means it is the sixth-oldest Swiss watch brand that still exists today. They are rich in heritage and legacy that is still found and apparent in watches like this Presence. This timepiece features a minimal, classic style that is made out of premium materials. Plus, its automatic movement is designed with a yellow gold PVD stainless steel case. It also comes with an elegant roman numeral dial that is best protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. And this watch offers a small side with a total case diameter of 34mm.

5. Hamilton Ventura Open Heart

If the brand’s name seems familiar to you, it is perhaps because you’ve seen Men in Black. This timepiece is a part of the alien-fighting uniform, and it still looks as exciting in the actual face just as seeing it in the Will Smith films. Knowing that most watches are getting less when it comes to function, having a unique shape of the Ventura and its great history makes it a superb addition to any collection.

This timepiece has upgraded the standard watch that comes with an automatic movement and can be viewed via a window under the twelve-o’clock mark. Besides, its materials are also upgraded into the form of a sapphire crystal and an elegant calfskin leather strap.

6. Sevenfriday M-Series

Everyone, without a doubt, prefers to own elegant old-school watches, but modern analog timepieces also deserve equal love and attention. If you’re a watch lover and looking for a modern, statement-making timepiece, this Sevenfriday M-Series is a great option, especially with its price under $1,000.

This watch’s face is a very irregular one, as its time is being displayed on three rotating discs that are all under a scratch-resistant mineral crystal. Plus, this timepiece is a bit large at 47mm, which adds to the bold and masculine style it vibes.

In a Nutshell

For some watch aficionados, buying a timepiece is part of their full-time hobby. But if you’re someone looking for a luxurious watch that comes with a very affordable price, the six listed above can be your great option. There is no need to spend so much money to own a premium quality watch; there are many renowned brands out there that offer great timepieces at a budget-friendly price.

Just take note that trustworthy brands mean that their watches are reliable and real as well. Get a chance to cop these timepieces at an even lower price when you check the website!