Tips to Convert Real Estate Leads Using Call Capture

There’s an old adage in marketing: every call is an opportunity. That’s especially true with real estate call capture systems, as every call is from a potential home buyer. Call capture has the potential to generate a lot of sales leads, but more importantly, they create an opportunity to convert those leads into real sales. This is as important, if not more important, than maintaining a constant flow of leads. After all, in order to stay afloat a real estate agent needs to know how to get sellers and buyers on board. Call capture systems can make that a lot easier by providing key information about leads before contact is made.

real estate call capture

The idea of a real estate call capture system is simple. A toll free number is placed on real estate sign riders, online advertising, ads or postcards – any advertising the real estate agent is doing to generate leads. When the number is called, the caller hits an extension to hear a brief audio tour of the house or a free report and using Automatic Number Identification and Reverse Look Up technology the system gathers vital information about the caller including name, address, and phone number. Follow up calls can be tailored to each lead generated by the system.

For instance, agents can use the customers’ address to find out about their current housing situation and suggest improvements based on that information. A potential home buyer who’s living in a heavily congested area may be more likely to appreciate low traffic flow neighborhoods. Home buyers in high-rent areas could likely afford a higher price range of homes. Agents can avoid showing a house that won’t fit in with what a client is looking for, based on the extension that was originally dialed. The extension can inform agents about the types of houses that clients may be interested in.

Of course, phone numbers gathered by real estate call capture systems can be used for follow-up.  Once the lead is contacted the agent can ask if they would like to receive more information about the property or real estate market information for their area.  The lead can then be put on a follow up program that may include open house announcements, a drip email campaign, a newsletter or follow up call schedule.  Further, since the caller’s name and other pertinent pieces of information are instantly available, calls feel more personable and less invasive.

Agents can also use call capture systems to filter serious inquiries directly to a cell phone. Real estate agents can encourage callers to connect directly to them after hearing the recording. Compelling phrases include, “To learn more about the most impressive feature of this house, press 7” or “since the market changes so often, we’d have to re-record this information constantly to keep it up to date, but press 7 to speak to me now for pricing.” By piquing a caller’s interest and setting out a course of action, an agent will get a constant stream of serious leads that are already on the line, and these leads can be quickly converted to sales.

The advantages of a call capture system aren’t limited to buyer leads, either. Sellers will be more likely to use an agent that has advanced tools to help them sell their homes at the highest price possible. Real estate is one business where “old fashioned” seems equivalent to “out of touch,” so including information about how a real estate call capture system works, how it improves the chances of a sale, and how it improves sale price will help get more listings for an agent.

Demonstrating the power of the system and how it’s actively used in sales shows that an agent is dedicated, organized, and can tailor the call capture to each house, regardless of price range, neighborhood, or additional external and environmental factors.

The call-to-client conversion possibilities of a real estate call capture system are only limited by the ingenuity, drive, and creativity of the agent using it. Follow up with individual clients is still important, but it’s made much easier with a non-invasive way to get a bit of information about them before the fact.

Call capture is a powerful tool with near endless applications on both the buyer and seller side. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a strong way to set an agent apart in the somewhat saturated and challenging modern real estate market.