The Top Digital Marketing Trends to Lookout For

Take paper and pen because we will summarize the digital marketing trends in several fields and we do not want you to miss anything.

Digital marketing trends

If you are one of those who are always attentive, you will have noticed that throughout 2021 there have been important changes in the world of digital marketing, social networks, advertising and everything that has to do with communication between companies and users. Well, these changes will continue in 2022 and will accentuate.

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Digital marketing will be omnichannel

Omnichannel means in all channels, in all, of all kinds. One of the most important digital marketing trends for 2022 is that companies will have to create digital transformation programs that will lead them to have a total network presence.

According to a recent study by a leading American analyst, a third of companies globally are planning a global transformation to get digitized and a quarter have already started the process.

This will inevitably lead to the next step: developing digital marketing strategies integrated in the largest possible number of channels .

If you had not yet taken the step to enter the digitalization, you are already a little late, but if you do not do it, it is very possible that you are completely out of the game and you are missing many opportunities. The times of “I’ll take care of that later”, are over, the time has come to make the leap and get to be everywhere at once.

Now, the process cannot be done at once, no matter how much your company has three decades in a certain sector, if you have just landed in the world of networks, you will have to start from scratch and first work on the positioning and recognition of your brand or you will be giving blind sticks for too long. Our recommendation is that you start solidifying your brand first before focusing your marketing on other issues .

Learn to use each social network

Between 2016 and 2021, social media networks have finished defining their users a lot and each time they have been making it clearer who is who in each of them.

Facebook is more and more down and some experts consider that it is in decline while the more stubborn predict a loss of users that will worsen over the years. Currently the group of users with the greatest presence in this network is that of those over 55. However, Messenger does not stop growing and already has the chilling figure of 1300 million users worldwide.

Instagram grows in all age groups, with 25 to 34 being the largest, followed by 18 to 24. It is estimated that the investment that companies will make in Instagram advertising will be the largest expense in network advertising Social networks of the last decade on any platform. Right now Instagram is where you have to be in this regard.

Snapchat also has a continuous growth, especially in the age group between 25 and 34, thus banishing the old cantinela that is a social network only for teenagers. However, the frequency of use is still low compared to its competitors.

Within the digital marketing trends and, in connection with the previous point, the key will be to be everywhere, but being ready and trying to launch each campaign in the most appropriate site. If you have a youth clothing store that has just launched a new line, take advantage of Instagram and Snapchat and value using the Messenger channel segmenting your audience very well.

If what you have is a travel agency and you want to offer packages for people over 50 with trips to the Costa del Sol, your place is Facebook Ads as the first channel and you can use the other networks as a simple reinforcement and without the need to make a great expense.

It is about refining more and more , that of boxing in each block of buildings or distributing brochures to everyone you meet on the street, it may work very well for some things, but in the digital world you could get tired of your audience.

Digital marketing trends in other networks?

Twitter is still somewhat enigmatic for experts, since there are already several occasions when they have come to predict their disappearance or their fall, while their figures remain and even grow little by little. That is why it is important to stay in the whistle network to get involved in relevant audiences from business to consumer and between companies.

LinkedIn is the queen of B2B networks (Business to Business) and does not stop growing in the last decade, reaching 562 million users in more than 200 countries around the world. But those are not the most relevant data, LinkedIn revenues from premium and advertising accounts increased 37 percent in 2018 alone and its users have logged in 41 percent more in 2019.

So, much as we have been postponing, the time has come to also position ourselves on LinkedIn and to familiarize ourselves with its advertising system and its possibilities of contact between companies, customers and workers.

Finally, although it is not exactly a social network, we cannot forget YouTube , the most important digital video platform in the world and that does not stop growing in number of users and, above all, in number of views. Experts predict that by 2022, one in four users with internet access will enter YouTube at least once a day. That encourages us to recommend that you decide to create a channel with valuable content for your customers or that you consider creating ads using an advertisement maker for this platform. In either case you will win.

These are the most important digital marketing trends and that could be summed up in one: you have to be in the digital world. And it is not enough to be, you have to know it, master all its channels, get familiar with them and get all the juice they can offer you.