5 Steps to the Perfect Professional Email

Every business owner or an entrepreneur must have a professional email in today’s business environment. Even though a lot of experts argue that email is no longer as relevant as it was before, it’s still one of the crucial methods of communication not just between businesses but also between companies and customers.

That said, generic emails, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and so on are good for everyday use but they don’t portray professionalism as they should.

Therefore, you’ll need a personal email address. If your business is in Australia, for instance, you’d choose a reliable web hosting in Australia and your provider would include a professional and a personal email address.

Here are few ways to write a perfect professional email and what such an email should contain:.

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1. The subject line

After you’ve decided who the recipient will be, you should summarize what you want or why you’re contacting this person in the first place, by writing an engaging subject. The first thing you need to realize is that it needs to be short and simple.

The main reason is that the email subject will show only the first 50 characters in the recipient’s inbox. Everything after that is discarded. Try to be specific and on point. After all, you don’t want a recipient to ignore your email or consider it spam.

2. Email body – Greetings

In order to make your email more compelling, you must start with a greeting. Try to be as formal as you can in accordance with the nature of your business and what you’re about to offer.

For instance, formal greetings such as “Allow me to introduce myself”, “I am reaching out to you about” or “I hope you are doing well” are all great ice-breakers and will encourage the recipient to actually read the email further.

Try to avoid greetings such as “Hey”, “What’s up” or “Dear, Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. / Sir or Madam”. Although these greetings are not technically bad per se, they are old-fashioned and sleazy, which may cause a recipient to lose interest immediately.

3. Email body – Introduction

Now it’s time to introduce yourself, as well as the company you represent. You should also include a link towards a company website or your personal page on social media, for instance, where the recipient can learn more about you should they choose to do so.

If you’re also about to introduce a product or a service, you should include a link towards more information about it as well. There’s no need to bother the recipient with too many details. If they’re interested, to begin with, they’ll check it out on their own volition.

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4. Email body – Purpose

Finally, it’s time to introduce the product or service you want to offer. As mentioned before, don’t bother the recipient with unnecessary details, such as product dimensions, benefits of the service and so on. If they want more details, they’ll check the link you’ve provided. Instead, here you will write your pitch in a way that will make the recipient interested in the offer itself.

If you’re including any documents or files, make sure you highlight that part and inform the recipient about them. Otherwise, they might consider it to be a scam. The same goes for disclosing information you don’t want everybody to know. If you can’t avoid it altogether, make sure the recipient knows that the information is intended for them only.

5. Email body – Closing word

Now it’s time to close it all up and hope for the best. Ending an email also requires special attention on your part. For starters, format the email accordingly and spend some time checking spelling and grammar mistakes. What’s more, make sure you include your digital email signature to add yet another layer of professionalism to your email.

Aside from that, include your name, bio, company information and contact info at the bottom even though you already did so. Lastly, write a pitch and try to be as professional as you can. For instance, closing examples, such as “Best regards”, “Best wishes”, “Sincerely” and “Thank you” alongside a few other words are a great way to close up your business email.

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Email is still an essential communication channel in the business world. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to learn how to write a perfect professional email because you’ll be sending out a lot of these during the course of your career.