All You Need to Know About Pay Per Click Marketing

If you feel that you are not getting enough traffic to your Online Money Making Business, you may want to consider buying traffic.  Pay per click marketing may just be the best way to buy traffic in the history of advertising. With pay per click (PPC) you can get instant results.  This is valuable in that you can measure and test what you are doing right away.  You can enjoy attracting prospects to your site that are actively searching for a product just like yours.  All you have to do is place the product in from of them.

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Pay Per Click Obstacles

As with any form of marketing, pay per click has good points and bad points.  By understanding the bad points you can find ways to overcome them.  This will help you develop a successful pay per click campaign.

The first thing you must understand that per per click will cost you money.  You need to have confidence in what you are doing by properly identifying and using key words. If you don’t understand this, you will be paying out money without getting anything in return.  However, if you understand how pay per click works, you can spend your money wisely.

The biggest mistake people make is in failing to track results.  It’s not enough to do something; you also have to measure how your actions affect your online marketing business.  If you’re not tracking the results, you’re driving blind.  It is essential that you track results to save money, create more business, and develop structured campaigns.

How Pay Per Click Works

When you have done a Google search in the past, you must have noticed the web sites listed on the top right side of the first page.  These companies have paid to have their web site listed there because they know that most people will not go beyond the first page to will find a web site to do business with.

The business owner pays Google an agreed upon amount every time someone clicks on their advertisement.  This is pay per click marketing. Learn more ways that adverts can beneficial to online websites and businesses.

In pay per click marketing you set the budget you want to pay each month and the maximum you are willing to pay for each click which determines how many times the ad is run per month. This enables you to control your monthly online marketing advertising expenditure.

Using Keywords and Keyword Phrases in Your Ads

Pay per click depends on keywords and keyword phrases.  When you write an ad you use the key words and key word phrases that you feel will attract a reader to your web site. When a potential customer types a query into Google, and the search engine matches the key words the searcher has used to those you have included in your ad, he will see your ad.  If the potential customer then clicks on your ad, you pay Google the agreed amount for the click, and the potential customer is directed to your marketing web site.

The secret is in finding keywords and keyword phrases that are appropriate for your online money making web site and are uncommon enough so a searcher will find your ad among your competition.   If you can find a keyword or keyword phrase that no one is using, it could be a gold mine. If you are the only one using that keyword or key word phrase, that could drive a lot of traffic to your door and maybe convert into sales. A professional research paper writing service can help you in finding the right keywords for your campaign.

You can also use negative key word matching.  You can specify key words that you don’t want linked to your web site.  If someone is searching for “free dog bones” and you have chosen “free” as a keyword to be eliminated, they will not see your ad.  Using negative key words can help you to target your market better.

Long Tailed Keywords

Long tailed keywords are extremely important in any pay per click campaign as they are generally in online money making marketing.  Long tailed key word phrases are more precise, descriptive and distinctive.  Be creative when choosing these phrases.  Include long tailed keywords that describe your business.  Firstly, your ads will only reach those who are looking for a product like you are offering so you are not paying for clicks when the potential customer has no real interest.  Using long tailed keywords will help to keep your advertising costs down while improving your chance for a sale.

Structure Your Campaign Properly

You shouldn’t just throw some key words at a site.  If you do, your advertising will be expensive and ineffective.  Even worse, the search engines will penalize you.  If a key word a searcher used in finding your ad, doesn’t relate to key words in your site, the searcher will just move on without buying anything.  It is essential that you use key words in both your ads and in your web site that relate to what you are promoting.  Otherwise you pay for a click, but have no chance of making a sale.

Keywords for Your Website

On your online money making web site take your use of keywords further.  Use your keywords throughout your web site content from top to bottom on every page.  If your keywords are closely linked to your ad, and each page is specifically targeting those keywords, Google will give you a very high ranking.

Don’t forget your back end.  After visitors get to your site, they move on to your landing page, which you should have optimized for keywords.  Google will check your website and your landing page.  If key words match and all the information is relevant, you get a higher score and the price of your advertising will drop. Conversely, of course, if your landing page is very different, you will be penalized and your price of advertising will increase.

Know Your Metrics

If you are advertising it is essential that you track what works and what does not.  You are paying for this advertising.  You need to make sure you are getting the best value for your money so you are managing your online money making business as efficiently as possible.

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If you are not careful, you can lose money on pay per click advertising.  Let’s say you are spending 20 cents per click and your getting some traffic.

You make some sales and earn some money.  So you decide to raise your cost to 30 cents per click.  Suddenly, you’re spending $500 per month, but only making $500 in sales.

When your metrics flatten out like this, you are not earning enough to make it worthwhile.  So you go back to 20 cents per click, and you’re spending $300 on advertising and taking in $400 in sales.  Now you’re earning a net profit of $100 per month.

As you look around on Google, you will see similar businesses to yours spending forty, fifty or sixty cents per click.  They are dominating the market and getting tons of traffic.  So how can you compete?

Well maybe you can and maybe you can’t.  If you are spending $1000 per month through Google ad words, yet only bringing in $800 in sales, you are losing $200 per month.  However, if you have a back end product you sell for $497, and five of your customers buy your back end product, you are bringing in an additional $2,485 per month and netting $2,285 per month. So you need to understand all the metrics, and that your back end products can offset your loses on your front and be the difference to making your online money making business a real success.