6 Easy Facts About MX Player You Ought to Know

Looking for a media player that is easy to use and can play almost all file formats? Then MX Player is for you! Here are 6 facts that I discovered when I tried MX Player.

  1. MX Player allows you to play videos on your mobile phone. It also allows you easy access to local media documents. You can even stream videos. The design of MX Player makes playing videos on cellular devices very easy.
  2. You get the necessary switches with MX Player. You don’t need to familiarize yourself with operating this player because the buttons or switches are quite standard. It has Previous/Next Video, Forward/Backward, and Play/Pause. However, there are no volume choices that will allow you to soften or tone up the sounds.
  3. There is, however, a toggle for the audio and movie. You can set it to image-less, which is perfect if you only want the video playing in the background when you are doing something else. You can also set it to sound-less if you are watching a foreign film and want to read the subtitle in peace.
  4. Any movie you run in MX Player will be on high definition quality. Of course, the resolution can be adjusted, depending on the screen of the mobile device.
  5. You can resume watching the opened video through playback. If you are going to do something else, this feature is perfect because you don’t need to start from the beginning again when go back to watching.
  6. MX Player also runs various subtitle file types. You can even fix the subtitle size, color, and timing if needed.

BONUS: MX Player has convenient folder management and an option for TV streaming for the likes of ABP Live and The Times of India. You can search for videos, and the list view will narrow down the search.

Why MX Player?

Video players may be a dime a dozen on Android, but MX Player stands among the finest of players, and it remains one of the most popular today. It even has better visibility in streaming.

facts about MX player

Times Internet, which acquired MX Player, made all the splendid changes possible. The player now has a Cast service made easy by a button easily found on the player’s interface or at the action bar above the listing of available videos. Note, however, that since your phone is the source of the video, then you can’t bring your phone with you when you wish to leave. If you do, the casting ends.

Try testing the Cast. It is already enabled even if you have not updated to the latest version.

MX Player – the hard truth

MX Player is available for Android. With the ease of its interface, it makes watching movies even on your mobile phone especially easy. The app is rich in features and supports numerous codecs. However, it is not that perfect yet. You could still encounter some files that MX Player does not run. Plus, its free version has quite an annoying number of ads.

Nevertheless, Windows MX player is becoming as popular as VLC player. Indeed, despite coming out late for the Android platform, VLC Player still supports the most number of audio and video file formats. MX Player is catching up to VLC player’s features fast. However, as earlier said, there are some files that may not play. if by any chance MX Player does not support the file that you have, then you might still need to go to the VLC player.

A Biased View of MX Player

MX Player has unique attributes indeed, and the best one being the option for a private folder. You can add specific videos that you would like to keep for yourself. This personal folder is protected by a pin (four digits). Perhaps this sets MX Player apart from the rest.

Meanwhile, if the video format is supported by Chromecast, and if your phone and Chromecast are attached to the same Wi-Fi network, then you will see a throw button at the corner which can be used to stream content on your TV instantly. Personally, I get stuck to one place when viewing a cast with other people using my phone.


I do think MX Player is worth a try given its many features.

Would you be willing to try it, or have you tried it already?

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