How to Download Music from SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is an online podcast and music streaming platform that lets you not only download music but also allows you to stream it online as well as upload some of yours too! As SoundCloud is one of the world’s largest music streaming platform, it has increased its outreach to the target audience, by operating both on the web platform, as well as through their app, which in turn is friendly for both Android and iOS users.

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So, it is a convenience of the users as to whether they are comfortable with the app or with the website, both having their pros and cons. Most people prefer to keep apps for everything, and music especially turns out to be one of them. But there are cases people don’t prefer this mode, which can either be due to insufficient space in the phone, lack of awareness, or just convenience of use of the website interface. Some people also find a problem in getting used to the interface or layout of either the website or the app. But nevertheless, what matters is that they’re users of SoundCloud.

Ways to Download Music from SoundCloud

Steps to download music from SoundCloud varies as to where it is being downloaded from, whether it is the application or the website. The following cite few simple steps you can follow to download music from SoundCloud.

For website Users

As far as downloading from the website is concerned, there is no direct option to download. However, there’s a way out:

  1. Go to the SoundCloud website and search the song you desire to download.
  2. Copy the link or the URL of the webpage that is open on the screen.
  3. Now, you will have to open a downloader. One of the commonly used downloaders is the SoundCloud Downloader
  4. There will be a place on the website where you will have to provide this link and an option from where you can download.
  5. Paste the copied link, and click on “Download”. An MP3 file of this song will be downloaded on your device.

An alternate for Step 3: In case this downloader does not work, try searching in Google, and you will find other downloaders, try using them, although the rest of the steps remain the same.

For app users

To download music from SoundCloud app, you need the SoundCloud Pro App, which is not free and has to be paid for. However, if you are a music enthusiast and are willing to pay for it, or you happen to have access from other means, then here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Download the SoundCloud Pro App, depending on your device. If you’re using an Apple phone, you will have to download the iOS version from the apple store, and if you are Android user, then you will have to download the Android version from the Google play store.
  2. Once you are in the app, search for the song you wish to download using the search option available.
  3. Tap the “Share” button and then Tap the “Download” button.
  4. The song file will be downloaded and will be available in your files or wherever downloads are directed by default.

Tip: There is a possibility that the song file you have downloaded may not be in the desired format and you probably might not be able to play it. In such a case, what you need is a file converter. Preferably MP3 will work in most cases, and hence you can convert to that, else if you know of what file format your music players support in your phone, then convert likewise. To convert, you need to search for a converter. Go ahead and search for the necessary converters, you’ll find a great deal of them.

For those who are interested in knowing the charges for the paid app:

There are two types of paid App services you can opt for which are as follows:

  • SoundCloud Pro service which costs the user $7 per month.
  • SoundCloud Pro Unlimited service which costs $15 per month.

For those who like music but are not ready to pay for it, we’ve got you covered! You can use the website method not only in your laptop but in your phones as well, be it iOS or Android. This method is free and doesn’t require much effort.

Also, nowadays, the concept of streaming music online has gained popularity really fast. People prefer to either save music offline, or stream it online itself. This gain of popularity, is due to many factors. One of the most influential factors includes increased internet connectivity and affordability. There are many other factors involved. Streaming music online not only offers the ease of just listening to songs on the go but also provides you with unlimited songs to choose from. Downloaded songs are limited. But, streaming it online gives a whole lot of options where one can choose from, maintain favorite playlists, and do a lot more customizations.

In Case You Want to Stream Music Online

So, if you are probably having second thoughts about downloading the song, then check out the music streaming it online. You can do this really easily, all you need to search the song you wish to listen to, either in the website or in the app, where you will get the uploads relevant, choose the one you like and click the “play” button. It consumes data but makes listening to or searching for songs very easy and convenient. It saves you the hassle of downloading it or paying for it. Try streaming, and you won’t be disappointed!