Billy Corgan – A Biography

Billy Corgan is a professional successful musician, singer, songwriter, producer, author & professional wrestling promotion owner celebrity in America.

Personal life

He was born on 17 March 1967 at Chicago, Illinois, U.S. He was graduated from Glen bard North High school. Billy Corgan one brother Is Ricky after divorced from parents. He is very depressive about her life and abusive him. He was married to Chris Fabian in 1993 but some issues in married life than both are decided separation or divorced in 1997. But now after a few sometimes, again married to Chloe Mendel in 2013. Billy has two children & happy with the family. He lives in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Her zodiac signs or horoscope is Aries. Corgan performed the song in teenage life when he was in high school. He is an amazing personality and role model for everyone.


He started the music career in school life & very work hard. He was working in The Smashing Pumpkin project complete 1998 to 2000 this duration period. From 2001 to 2005, this period of complete the project known as Zwan and a solo career.

Billy Corgan 1

Again, worked on The Smashing Pumpkin revival in 2005. He is professional wrestling interest as a business on career life start such as resistance pro wrestling in 2011 to 2014, Total nonstop wrestling action in 2015 to 2016 and lastly thing in wrestling on career life include national wrestling alliance in 2017.

His interest in political views & disappoint with Barak Obama as a president. I’ve talked about Billy solo discography albums such as The Future Embrace released in 2005 & Ogilala released on social media in 2017. However, as a single song is released like Walking Shade in 2005, Aeronaut in 2017 both songs are used in albums respectively. Billy Corgan Net Worth is Increase day by day.

Billy work soundtrack work like Ransom, Spun, we are not alone, The Chicago Code, Rampage so on & many albums features such as Sparkle with Catherine, The EP is produced by Corgan, Songs About Girls with Catherine, the song “It’s No Lie” is produced by Corgan, Chanted Des Chanson Sur Les Files with Catherine, The EP is produced by Corgan as “Johnny Goat” etc. Corgan very struggles own whole life with anxiety & depression at all time. He is a now millionaire person and most popular celebrity as a singer, producer & owner of wrestling.

Corgan instruments are used in songs such as vocal, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Caroline, Virgin, Reprise, Warner Bros BMG. He is many awards are received such as Billboard award, Grammy award, BET hip hop award and so many awards and nominate others coming for achievements of awards. Several fans of Billy Corgan on social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter and different websites. He is watching cricket matches & wrestling in free time.

Net worth

Corgan annually net worth approximately closeout $50 million from earning is songwriting, producing, lyricist and owner of wrestling. Corgan related other more information several on website & social media accounts. If you want to read more about him, then visit.