Know About Permanent Makeup for Beautiful Brows

Permanent makeup is very popular at the moment. It is constantly improving, new trends and procedures are evolving, so it seems that it is here to stay. The most often required treatments are those for permanent eyebrows, and now you can choose the one that is the right for you, according to your skin type.

What are the advantages of permanent makeup?

If you are not well informed, the first thing you think when you hear permanent makeup might be that it is something that stays on your face forever. Actually, permanent makeup is not as it used to be. It is much more sophisticated and safer than it was in the 90s.

First of all, it is not totally permanent. It is semi-permanent, which means that it will last for a couple of years, depending on the procedure. Secondly, the pigments used nowadays are much more of a natural origin and give more natural results.

Permanent makeup for natural brows

Permanent makeup eyebrows look natural, don’t come off when you wash them and save your time. Instead of drawing your brows every morning, trying to make them look even and natural, you can have beautiful brows even when you sleep.

They are still there when you wake up and even if you get them wet or accidentally wipe them. They frame your face, giving it a different expression and they can complete your makeup look. So, it’s no wonder so many people decide to have some of the most popular permanent makeup treatments for beautiful brows.

Is microblading the most popular procedure?

Yes, microblading is the first and still number 1 eyebrow procedure. The popularity of the treatment made a lot of opportunities for a career in the beauty industry. Those who want to become certified microblading artists need to complete a course such as accredited microblading classes.  Being a professional microblading artist is a very lucrative career at the moment as well as a rewarding job.

How is microblading done?

Microblading is a manual technique, during which hair strokes-like incisions are made, to resemble natural brows hairs. If done well, by experienced microblading artists, it looks perfectly natural. The treatment itself is 1 to 2 hours long and the procedure is not painful just a little bit uncomfortable.


Before the procedure, you will have consultations with your artist, who needs to decide whether you are a suitable candidate for microblading. You need to inform your artist about any illness or skin conditions you have as well as the medications that you use.

How do I maintain my microblading?

After the treatment, you will get some aftercare tips that you need to follow religiously, for the best healing results. This usually means that you must not use makeup and skincare products that contain retinol, that you should avoid getting your brows wet and exposed to the sun and that you shouldn’t touch your brows.

This healing period lasts up to a month and then you will have a touch-up session to complete the final look of your brows. After that, you can relax, and only book a correction appointment when you notice your brow pigment starts fading. That is how your brows last longer.

What other options are there?

Microblading is the most often requested treatment and a skillful artist is able to do the treatment on any skin type. However, it will look better on normal and dry skin type, than the oily skin. That is why other treatments are being developed. Ombre powder brows last longer and look good on oily skin. What you will get are misty, powdery brows. They are perfect for people who like makeup-look of their brows.

permanent makeup for brows

You can also have combo brows, which combine the two most popular brow treatments – microblading and microshading. Also, artists constantly develop new techniques, such as their own signature treatments. This means that a certain artist developed their own technique and you can only get it if you visit their salon.

How do I know which treatment to choose?

There is a lot of information online, which describes each brow treatment in detail. You can also search Instagram for before and after photos of each procedure and see which one you like best. But most importantly, consult with your artist. A professional skilled artist will know whether you should go with microblading, or choose something else that will fit you better and last longer.


Permanent makeup for beautiful brows is popular at the moment. If you have sparse, thin brows and spend a lot of time filling them, microblading is perfect for you.