6 DIY Solutions to Fix Noisy Laptop Fans

Are you frustrated with the abnormal noise coming from your laptop fans? Since the laptop fans are really important for cooling down your PC while performing heavy tasks, it is more than obvious that you should fix the issue.

Furthermore, it is not desirable that you have to face such a buzzy fan all the time. If you have tried all tried and tested hacks then think again. Probably, you have missed the major solutions that can fix the noisy laptop fan.

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A laptop fan can make louder noise due to dust build-up, excessive temperature, more and more applications running in the background. Most surprisingly, a malware attack can introduce such buzz on your laptop fans. So, now it is time to learn how you can fix noisy laptop fans on your own. Keep all your worries aside, for now, let’s try some potential DIY hacks.

1. Dust the Laptop Fans

Specks of dust over the laptop fans can introduce such noise. And, this is the most convenient way to get rid of noisy laptop fans. Well, laptops are way more complex than desktops as you can’t disassemble the parts of a laptop, easily.

However, the accumulation of dust can damage the fan and if the fan can’t function properly then major problems initiate. Most importantly, the processor of the laptop can get affected severely. That’s why you should clean your laptop with a blower to eradicate dust and dirt. Well, it’s not too late. Check out the following process to clean the laptop fan.

  1. Switch off the laptop and remove its adapter. Flip your device.
  2. Detach the battery closure. Discover the air vent.
  3. Next, use a screwdriver to open the panel.
  4. Hopefully, you can notice the laptop fan, now. Blow the dust away from your device.

Now, assemble the panel again as it was. Don’t forget to plug in the battery and turn the device on if there is any change. Apart from this, if you think that your laptop has run into a serious issue then you can refer to laptop repair service providers for immediate remedy.

2. Kill Processes on your Laptop

In case, the laptop fan has started spinning suddenly then there are chances that several processes are running. If you own a MacBook then track your Activity Monitor to find out which processes are running right now. The laptop can heat up itself due to never-ending loops of such applications or software. Next, just kill the processes and look out if there is any improvement.

The same applies to Windows users. If you have acquired Windows as the operating system then go to Task Manager. Stop the unwanted running processes and get rid of the noisy laptop fans.

If you think that your laptop is getting extremely hot then it can be another proper reason behind spinning of the laptop fan. Reboot your device in order to calm down your laptop, instantly. Otherwise, you can stop all the processes that are not required for the moment, as well.

3. Discard Outdated Drivers on Laptop

Some experts have suggested that outdated drivers can make your laptop fans spin more than usual. Hence, you must optimize your outdated drivers by updating them. By the way, you must remember when did you last update the drivers?

If it’s been a quite long time, update your driver by fetching Windows update. Follow the instructions as per the laptop manufacturing brand to update drivers on your laptop. Check if the laptop fan still spins loud after applying this solution.

4. Eliminate Malware

If your laptop is not protected with an antivirus program then malware attack can make your laptop fans go louder. Cybercriminals are developing such malware to use the power of the laptop processor and produce cryptocurrencies out of that. Apart from louder noise from laptop fans, your laptop can become a sloth and affect the longevity of the device, too.


This is not desirable, at all. What’s the solution, then? Secure your laptop with a reputed antivirus program in order to prevent such malware attacks in the future. Install an antivirus and scan your laptop. Once the malware and viruses are detected, eliminate those out of your laptop. You can notice the difference in the performance of your laptop, shortly.

5. Allow Proper Ventilation

Have you placed your laptop on any hard or soft surface for a long duration? Whether it is your lap, sofa, table, or bed, maybe the surface is blocking the proper ventilation required for the laptop. And, when the laptop can’t get a scope to release its heat, the fan spins faster. Consequently, the laptop fans sound louder.

Keep changing the position of your laptop after a definite interval. Or, you can elevate the laptop slightly to ventilate the heat. The laptop also needs ideal air circulation. You might invest in purchasing a laptop cooling pad or an elevation tool for your laptop, instead.

6.   Reset SMC (for Mac Users only)

This solution is dedicated to MacBook users only. So, if you have a Windows device then you can skip this solution. Otherwise, stick to the guidelines below to learn how to reset the SMC.

  1. Switch off the device. Press and hold these keys: Shift+Control+Option.
  2. Without releasing these three keys, press and hold down the Power key.
  3. Don’t release all these four keys for at least ten seconds.
  4. After ten seconds, release those buttons.

Finally, turn the MacBook on. The laptop fan might have stopped its loud noise.

Is the Hard Drive the Root Cause?

According to some users, the loud noise is not due to the laptop fans, but due to the hard drive. So, listen carefully if the noise is coming from laptop fans or hard drives or near the area of a hard drive. If you can notice a grinding or unusual noise from the hard drive then there are chances that you might lose your data. In other words, the hard drive might crash in a day or two.

Furthermore, don’t panic. Just prepare a data backup for getting all your important data. Otherwise, you can also avail data recovery service. Hard drives make weird and louder noises when it is going to fail physically or mechanically. Avail laptop repair service to replace the hard drive with a compatible and new one.


Basically, the laptop CPU fan causes rattling noise due to one or several causes. So, you might have to try and test all the solutions presented above. Remove the dust from the fan besides optimizing your PC from excess processes and eliminate malware from the device.