Jasmine Rice Manufacturer Continuously Marketing High-Quality Jasmine Rice

Thai Jasmine rice has a known origin in Thailand. It is a local variety having such a natural fragrance. This rice is as slender as a kernel and is long. This is also translucent and is hard with lower content of chalky kernel. Once this is cooked, this is turned out to be soft, shiny and tender. This indeed is amazing for its natural and aromatic flavor. Plus, this is most pronounced after being freshly harvested.

This is commonly found in grocery stores having distinct flavor profiles. It comes in its white and brown rice versions. This nutritious rice is enriched with protein, iron, fiber, & antioxidants. This is a true native to Thailand. Plus, this is a staple food in the cuisines in Southeast Asia.


Jasmine rice manufacturer Thailand is continuously marketing a high quality Jasmine rice that is soft and is slightly sweet. This is enriched with eighteen-percent amylase content. This is somehow sticky, which is the same as the California medium grain type of Japonica rice. This comes with a subtle and floral aroma that is unique like the Jasmine rice. This is indeed all-purpose rice that has become a favorite in the United States. This is also already used in most Chinese restaurants.

The majority of packages manufactured by Jasmine rice manufacturers contain no less than ninety-two percent of Hom Mali Rice. This is then stamped with a green seal coming from the Department of Foreign Trade in Thailand. This is the certification coming from the government. Other packaged rice in Thailand is also claimed as the Jasmine rice. So far, the best ones are the graded AAA.

A Wide Range of Jasmine Rice

Many Jasmine rice varieties are available at the Thailand supermarkets. All of them feature a Thai official green seal. The brand is also loved by the Asian and American being an Asian Best.

Truly, Jasmine rice is hardened in texture. It also loses its aroma every time. In the case of buying Jasmine rice, buying a fresher and newer one with broken grains is as advised. It must have no obvious signs of exposure to moisture.

Jasmine rice harvested as new may have a sign of “New Crop” on the package. The broken grain is also smaller than the whole grains. The two sizes somehow won’t cook together in a uniform manner. The final dish will be a mess of underdone and overdone. This is also if cooked with a mixture of whole grains and broken grains.

Among the high quality, Jasmine rice manufactured and marketed by Jasmine rice manufacturer includes the Cambodia fragrant rice and the Thai Hom Mali. They have so far won the best rice award in the world for the World Rice Conference in 2014.

In effect, the Thai people patronize Jasmine rice manufacturer for the best steamed Jasmine rice. This indeed brings out the best flavor in the grain. Plus, this avoids any unwanted stickiness. The unique texture and taste of the Jasmine rice is something that can fill the Thais vitamin and niacin intake. Other mineral contents include magnesium, phosphate, & phosphorus. These truly are brought about by a cup of brown Jasmine rice.


The higher fiber content of the Jasmine rice is also as promised by the Jasmine rice manufacturer. This is helpful in the regulation of blood sugar. This also helps in lowering the bad levels of cholesterol. Such a satiated feeling is provided to every Thai individual consuming it. It helps avoid the hunger pangs leading to snacking and over-eating on high-calorie food. A lot of medical professionals recommend Jasmine rice as part of a good eating program. This program helps improve the success of weight loss results.

Nothing can be said badly against the nutritional value of the Jasmine rice. That is readily accessible that can suit the taste. It is clearly known for its sets of advantages. It is as mentioned to provide a lot of nutrients that lack in a more refined variety. It is enriched with manganese and selenium that fights cancer cells & promotes overall health.

Now, you have learned more about the Jasmine rice manufacturer Thailand that is continuously marketing high-quality Jasmine rice!