Why Do Parents Need to Spy Viber?

Every day, we hear about crimes in the world out of which are mostly occurred online. Social media apps have involved people in multiple things like making friends worldwide, online businesses, sharing thoughts, etc. But it also has some drawbacks like teens’ involvement in watching inappropriate content, liking harmful things, bullying unknown, or hacking data, etc.

Viber is a rising social app that people are vastly moving towards it to secretly communicate with loved ones. Viber’s safe and reliable surveillance features empower users to share any secret with anyone. But it has seen that teens start misusing Viber by sharing their sexual content with unknown friends. Afterwards, they face trouble in the form of threats or leakage of personal data, etc.

People use espionage technology to cope-up with such situations. Spy Software empowers users to spy on any device remotely and get information secretly. These days, TheOneSpy is an outstanding software which provides a special solution to spy on Viber in the form of the TOS Viber spy app. Here, we will deeply discuss the TOS spying app for Viber.

TOS Viber Spy App

TOS is a powerful software with dynamic advanced featured apps that perform multiple tasks in real-time. Viber is a trustworthy social app, so people prefer it because of its audio and video call quality than other social apps. TOS provides a special app for Viber spying, which tracks the targeted user every single activity on their Viber account.

why parents need to spy viber

TOS Viber spy app works in a stealth mode that no one can detect it easily. It is a virus-free app and affordable for everyone. Besides its unique features, TOS also facilitates users with its unique services. Or if a user faces any problem in TOS Viber spy app installation, so the TOS technical team help the user.

TOS provides a Viber spying solution in two different ways. Let’s look at both separately.

TOS Viber Chat Spy App

A user can spy on any Viber conversations with the TOS Viber spy app. It empowers the user to track live chatting, so a user can detect the tone of the conversation. A user can monitor both sent and received messages, deleted messages, contact numbers, and can get history with the right timestamps. Most people only want to spy on chats, so TOS is the best which facilitate with such separate and unique featured base app for Viber.

How does the TOS Viber Chat Spy App help parents?

  • Parents can monitor their kids chatting and can detect their secret friends.
  • They can also monitor to whom they chat the most and which kind of chatting they do. Because of Viber’s secured features, teens get involved in useless and unethical activities like bullying unknown, threaten someone or become victim easily.
  • Parents can track their kids that they could know if their kids are in any trouble, so they can protect kids from predators.
  • TOS Viber chat spy app also empowers the parents to monitor if kids are wasting their study hours in useless chatting.

TheOneSpy Viber Screen Recorder

TOS Viber screen recorder records all activities of the targeted Viber account. It can also detect the secret Viber account of the targeted person. It empowers the user to watch all the activities of their targeted person, whether the contact list, incoming/outgoing messages, sent/ received audio or video call or anything. A user can send a command to their cloud account for automatically recording when a targeted person goes online. Users can track login and log out timing as well. It makes 1-minute videos and transfers them to a user dashboard.

How does the TOS Viber Screen recorder help parents?

  • Parents can record their kids’ Viber activities and can track their secret chatting, unknown friends as well.
  • It also enables the parents to monitor if any predator is targeting their kid, so parents can prevent kids from stalkers.
  • It also enables the parents to spy on kids’ secret accounts and difficult passwords as well.


If you are a single parent or working people, so you don’t have to worry about your kids anymore. Spy technology has resolved this difficulty in the form of TheOneSpy (an advanced software). TheOneSpy unique and reliable application empowers the parents to spy on Viber of their kids anytime.