The Importance Of Wearing A Safety Harness

There is nothing more important than doing everything in your power to boost your safety while you are working up high so you prevent any type of injuries as well as accidentally falling and possibly dying. For those who are not aware, the best thing that will help you stay safe when working up high is the safety harness. Here are the reasons why wearing a safety harness is so important.

Benefits of Using a Safety Harness

What people don’t realise is that falls while working at heights are one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major issues. The most common falls include falling through fragile surfaces such as doors or falling off of ladders. Thousands and thousands of workers suffer major to mild injuries related to falls when they are working at heights and unfortunately a common occurrence is death. That is why wearing a safety harness is very important.

But there are many ways to ensure that you are safe while you are working at heights. It ranges from having everything inspected, to making sure that all your staff is fully and properly trained for said job. Another important thing is that they are all wearing personal protective equipment, one of which is a safety harness. Usually there are a lot of workers that don’t think that safety harnesses are important.

Safety harnesses are crucial when it comes to personal fall arrest systems. That is because it will keep your body suspended if you fall. Not only that but it will keep you suspended until someone saves you. That is why you should ensure that everyone is wearing a full-body safety harness. They are the best potions because it will distribute any kind of force throughout the body evenly which will minimize the chance of injuries.

importance of safety harness

Another common issue with safety harnesses is that people don’t wear them correctly because they don’t care. When you have a safety harness you will need to ensure that you are wearing it as it is meant to be worn. If you wear your harness as it should be worn, and you do fall down you will reduce your chances of getting serious injuries as well as having both of your hands free to help yourself if that is possible.

The fact that you are working at height needs to be reason alone why you should choose to wear a safety harness as it will protect you and save your life if needed. With that being said you simply can’t deny that wearing it is important and utilise all the things that a safety harness will provide you with. When you combine it with all other safety equipment you should be as safe as possible and prevent any injuries from happening while you are working.

Always Choose The Right Harness

While having a safety harness is important the more important thing is that you have one that fits you correctly. If it doesn’t fit the chances are once there is an accident it can cause even more damage or you can simply slip out of it. That is why you need to make sure that it fits as well as that it has webbed, D-rings, lanyard connections as well as adjustable straps.

Always Do Proper Harness Inspection

Not a lot of people realize that harnesses need to be inspected at least once a year to ensure that they are one hundred per cent safe to use and do the routine check-up before you put it on. It is a really important step in your life. I will depend on it if you fall and it doesn’t take a lot of time to ensure that everything is as it is supposed to be.

importance of safety harness

Make sure that there is no damage to the webbing because any tares or pulled threads will mean that the fibre structures have been compromised. Make sure that any buckles or rivets aren’t bent, have sharp ends or that they aren’t chipped anywhere. D-rigs should pivot freely and they shouldn’t have any discolourations or rust on them. Make sure that straps are topes aren’t fraying or have loose sticking as well as that there are all the labels on the harness so you know that it passed the inspection.

As you can tell, wearing a harness is an essential part of most fall protection systems, therefore making sure that they are in good condition and that they are safe to use will save your life. Another important thing is that all users and managers are trained how to select, inspect as well as use a harness so they can ensure that everything is safe before putting them on as it can save your life. It doesn’t matter what job you are doing, if it is done from a height, you should always wear a safety harness.