Top 11 Types Of Healing Crystals You Must Know

Thinking about where to find new age shops near me is your first step towards appreciating the power of healing crystals. And this information helps you identify the different types of crystals and their purposes.

In the recent past, there has been a steady rise in popularity in alternative and complementary medicine. Yoga, healing crystals, and tai chi are among the most popular, but in this case, let’s have your mind focused on the healing crystals. Sumerians living in Mesopotamia were believed to be the first to practice this form of healing around 6000 years ago.

It is also widely believed that the ancient Egyptians also embraced and practiced crystal healing. Today, crystal healing is making a comeback, but this time it is taking traditional Asian concepts, specifically chi or qi and chakra. Both trace their origins to either Hinduism or Buddhism, which are widely practiced religions in Asia.

Now, if you are asking yourself how to find new age shops near me, your answer will first need to focus on a dealer that has a variety of crystals or items made from an array of crystals. That is because different stones have, unlike powers. Some of the popular healing crystals include:

1. Citrine

Citrine is widely believed to bring joy, wonder, and passion to every aspect of life. This stone is also thought to help in shedding off negative traits such as fear and worry. It is also believed that citrine helps in motivating qualities such as attentiveness and inventiveness.

2. Tiger’s eye

This golden stone is perfect for you if you need a power or motivation boost. Experts in healing crystals believe that the tiger’s eye helps in freeing the mind from anxiety, self-doubt, and fear. The experts also believe that this crystal guides one to achieve maximum harmony and helps in making explicit and informed decisions.

3. Amethyst

Characterized by its purple color, this stone is known to exhibit purifying, protective, and healing powers. Amethyst can aid in ridding the mind of negative thoughts or perceptions. Therefore, that helps in making room for sincerity, spiritual wisdom, and humility. If you are battling sleep disorders such as insomnia, amethyst can effectively get your sleep patterns back to normal.

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Spiritually, it helps with the understanding of dreams, and if your physical well being is anything to go by, it is said to increase hormone production, relieve pain, stress, and cleanse the blood.

4. Moonstone

Also synonymous with new beginnings, this stone is widely known to motivate inner evolution and strength. If you are starting over, this stone is supposed to mollify the uneasy feelings of stress and difficulties in moving forward effortlessly. Moonstone is also believed to fuel positive thinking, inspiration, and instinct while fetching good fortune and triumph.

5. Bloodstone

Today more and more people are becoming conscious of what entails inner energy. Bloodstone lives up to its name by helping in pushing away negative energies and improving the flow of positive ones. While helping you live in the present moment, bloodstone enables you to become selfless, idealistic, and creative. It is also widely believed to help in pushing away cynicism, intolerance, and aggressiveness.

6. Ruby

This stone helps in bringing back energy levels and vitality, and this proves valuable when improving sexual life, intellect, and sensuality. It is also widely believed to bring back the realization of truth in one’s mind and self-consciousness.

7. Sapphire

Sapphire is synonymous with royalty and knowledge. This bluestone is known to attract wealth, peace, and contentment. On the physical, sapphire is believed to help in tackling various eye complications and blood disorders, while easing depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

8. Turquoise

Also blue, this crystal is associated with aiding in healing the mind, soul, and body. From a general viewpoint, turquoise is viewed more as a good luck charm that helps in balancing emotions while finding the right spiritual foundations. Healthwise, turquoise benefits the immune, respiratory, and skeletal systems.

9. Obsidian

Black obsidian stone is believed to have protective powers and is supposed to offer defense against emotional and physical negativity. These help in finding one’s true self, and to the body, obsidian aids in reducing pains, detoxification, and digestion.

10. Jasper

Nicknamed the “supreme nurturer,” jasper is said to have the capacity to support one through stress by empowering the soul. It has the capability of absorbing negative vibrations while inspiring quick thinking, self-confidence, and bravery.

11. Rose quartz

Its pink color characterizes it, and we all know pink is the color of love. Rose quartz is believed to have the power to restore lost trust, which is an essential factor in healthy relationships.


If your pressing question was “how to find new age shops near me,” the information listed above will help you in understanding a brief history of healing crystals. Reading about the stones or crystals listed above will help you in settling on the ideal healing crystal or stone.