Top Brands of Sunglasses for Men in India

Ah yes the hot sun in India! Most parts of India, especially Rajasthan, are some of the hottest and sunniest places in the world.  Indian men need sunglasses to protect themselves from the scorching heat and UV rays.  What’s the answer in this situation?  Well it’s in sunglasses.  This article will discuss some of the top brands of sunglasses for men.  Read on to learn more!

Top Brands of Sunglasses for Men

All of the major players for sunglasses brands in India from Ray Ban to Gucci are available for men to purchase.  Let’s start with a description of Ray Ban because it is currently the most popular brand of men’s sunglasses in India.

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1. Ray Ban

RayBan sunglasses in India for men price are higher than it is for other sunglasses.  But most of what men pay for in terms of higher prices is reflected in a higher quality product and a recognized brand name.  Men (and women) around the world have come to understand and equate Ray Ban with good quality and high fashion!  That Ray Ban stands in a class of its own in the sunglasses world allows its male wearers to create and define their own identity!

Ray Ban makes its fashion and identity statement through bold colors and a strong frame which is light and flexible.  The lenses themselves are made out of the highest quality material in the industry and are able to protect the eyes while making a unique fashion statement for the wearer!  Men especially like its Aviator style with its strong frames which sport solid block colors.  The frames are so light wearers feel as though the sunglasses simply float comfortably on their ears and faces!

2. Fastrack

They are the next contender on the sunglasses brands in India listTheir extremely high quality and popular brand name make them a favorite among teenagers and young adults.  Unlike their counterparts, Fastrack sunglasses’ prices will not break the bank.’  This factor alone makes them very popular among the young ‘yuppie’ generation.

They are manufactured and marketed by Titan, a well-known global brand.  Fastrack sunglasses do the job sunglasses are designed to do in terms of protecting the eyes from deadly UV rays.  Their wide range of styles makes the sought after those who want to make a fashion statement with sunglasses!  What’s more is that these sunglasses’ styles match recent fashion trends making them quite sought after.  They are readily available in retail and online stores.

Men who want the Fastrack brand have a lot of options to choose from including aviator, cat eye, oval, oversized, rectangular, sports, wrap around, and wayfarer.  The one thing its customers love about these sunglasses is their incredibly affordable prices.

3. Polaroid

These are the third best branded sunglasses online India.  Customers love their quality sunglasses which sell at prices they can afford.  Polaroids offer UV protection, are of high quality, and come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes.  They are one of the many sunglasses for men brands which come in styles like aviator, oval, oversized, rectangular, spectacle, sports, wrap around, and wayfarer.

Part of what makes this brand unique is the emerging technologies which it uses in its engineering. Polaroids use thermo-fusion technology which makes objects seem clearer and makes the viewer see everything in general in much more clarity.  Its customers love this technology the most!

4. Velocity

These sunglasses stand in a class of their own.  Not only do they use the latest technology to protect your eyes, but they also will allow the wearer to make a real fashion statement and turn head with one look.  Velocity sunglasses are widely searched on online websites and receive high customer rankings and excellent customer reviews.  Customers love these sunglasses for their high quality.

These sunglasses come in bright colors and are all the rave with the youth.

Now it’s your turn to choose

While this is not an exhaustive list of men’s sunglasses available in India, it is a good start.  If you use this article as a guidepoint to do your own research, you will soon be buying designer men’s sunglasses of your dreams!