The Future of the Organic Food Market

It seems that the organic phenomenon has been taking the global agricultural industry by storm. Organic foods have transformed the way people look at the environment, and we’re seeing an increased number of people switching to healthier, pesticide-free versions of their favorite vegetables, fruits, meat, and even snack food.

But will this trend continue in the future, or will it fade away along with all the other health food fads?

From what the numbers indicate, the chances are good that it will grow even further. Looking at the stats and facts from the insightful infographic put together by the editorial team from HealthCareers, the organic produce market is expected to reach $63 billion by 2020. If we go even further into the future, organic food is projected to reach $375,98 billion by 2025.

Aside from health and environmental concerns, the growth of the organic food industry will also be driven by working professionals demanding ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat organic products. Furthermore, 80% of today’s millennials will become parents in the next 10-15 years. So organic food sales will most likely boost in the upcoming years as more millennials, who are the biggest group of organic buyers, have children.

organic food market

In 2018, 93 countries had organic regulations, but the number keeps rising by the minute. By having specific laws and regulations in place, more people can trust organic labels, and therefore, opt to pay extra money for organic over its non-organic counterparts.

The European Council has developed several rules designated to help organic farmers. One such law will allow groups of farmers to apply for an organic certificate altogether, and split the costs involved with organic production.

The future of organic food seems bright and sustainable. Traditional agriculture will probably stick around, and the two will likely have to coexist in the future. The ideal situation would be that both methods are used in conjunction with each other, depending on the environment, the political, and financial situation.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the future of organic food market, then, by all means, take a look at the infographic below.

Organic Food Statistics