Top 20 Organic and Sustainable Makeup Brands

As the world realizes the hazardous impact of plastic on the environment, more companies from cosmetic giants to sustainable contact lens brands are looking for various ways to reduce their dependence on plastic. Consumers are also starting to consider companies’ green initiative when buying products. And you should too! Here are some of the best sustainable toiletries and zero waste makeup brands that do not only keep you fresh and beautiful but help save the planet as well!

1. Juice Beauty

This USDA-certified brand takes the cake when it comes to sustainability. Aside from ensuring that no toxins, pesticides, synthetics, or fertilizers make it into its wide range of products, Juice Beauty has been producing clinically-validated skincare and gorgeous plant-pigmented cosmetics since 2005. Its sustainable commitment does not end there. Juice Beauty uses sustainable energy sources like solar and wind power for production and packs their products in – what else – sustainable materials. It is also generous in detailing the ingredients in all of its products for its consumers, such as hairdressing clippers.

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2. 100% Pure

You cannot have a list of sustainable and organic makeup brands without 100% Pure. The brand claims to have the world’s purest organic and all-natural line of cosmetics and beauty products, ranging from fruit pigmented mascara down to all-natural soaps and shampoos. The USDA-certified brand does not end its advocacy in the content of its products; it also uses recyclable and reusable packaging and pledges that no animal is hurt during its production.

3. Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis has been making some waves on social media due to its luxe chrome packaging, which is pure eye candy. However, there is more to this luxe brand that needs recognition. Aside from the outstanding aesthetic, the brand’s products boast an eco-friendly formula. The one thing that separates it from other natural beauty brands is the fact that their compacts, which are sold either in stainless steel or in a bamboo packaging, are also refillable, making them sustainable. The refills are also packed in compostable paper.

4. RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is one of the first companies to introduce sustainable packaging. The company uses glasses and stainless lid to conceal its product for 100% recyclability rate. RMS Beauty’s cosmetics are organic and cruelty-free. The ultra-luxurious products are made with raw and food-grade materials in line with its vision to create cosmetics that are not only nontoxic but heal and nourish the skin. RMS Beauty’s zero-waste initiative is also one of the reasons why it is one of the makeup lovers’ favorite zero-waste makeup brands!

5. Ilia Beauty

Ilia’s cruelty-free and certified organic products are packed in recycled aluminum. The company commits itself to create clean and pure, but luxurious products with organic bio-active botanicals that keep the skin nourished. The brand also boasts an ethical-sustainable and cruelty-free approach in its production.


This US-based strives to create an expansive collection of products that not only look good but feels natural on the skin. The brains behind W3LL PEOPLE believe that the skin is a reflection of what you put on it, so they commit to offering only natural and even vegan-friendly products. It also strictly follows cruelty-free and sustainable practices in production.

7. Alima Pure

Alima Pure claims to formulate products with minimal ingredients for maximum impact. Its natural and organic approach also covers its packaging, which uses recycled paper, carbon-neutral, and reusable. The details of their diverse shades are also inked using a soy-based formula.

8. Keeping it Natural

Keeping it Natural is one of those brands that you’ll love if you advocate for the organic but can’t spend much. It offers zero-waste, mineral cosmetics ranging from cake mascara, blushes, and eyeshadows. They receive good reviews everywhere due to its proven quality and cost, which would not put a dent on your hard-earned savings.

organic makeup brands
organic makeup brands

9. Au Naturale

Au Naturale uses organic and naturally-sourced ingredients to create vegan, gluten-free, nontoxic, and paraben-free products that should feel like nothing on the skin. It has a wide range of foundation and classic lippies that have been game-changers since 2011. The company, founded by a nuclear analyst, offers astonishingly good products that are free from synthetics, animal byproducts, and harmful chemicals.

10. Kosås

The botanically-based products of Kosås are paraben-free and vegan-friendly. The company commits itself to use only clean ingredients and synthetics, ensuring that they have no parabens, no phthalates, and no mineral oils.

11. Real Purity

Real Purity produces an all-natural line of products from botanicals and plant-derived ingredients, which it claims are great for all skin types. Its mission is to replace all toxic ingredients with active botanicals that looks not only good but also feels good.

12. Vapour Organic Beauty

As its name suggests, Vapour offers only organic and multi-use products that have achieved the “Champion” safety status from Environmental Working Group for Safe Cosmetics. The company is also a member of the Leaping Bunny Program, which ensures that it is cruelty-free.

13. P/Y/T Beauty

P/Y/T Beauty uses nontoxic formula and ingredients, and like Vapour, it is a certified member of the Leaping Bunny Program.

14. Axiology

Aside from its exceptional sustainability credentials, Axiology also boasts of products that not all of their organic counterparts have. Despite it being a certified organic brand, Axiology offers fun selections that have bold colors.

15. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

The Australian cosmetics company offers a wide variety of makeup products from foundation to cheek tint, which is all vegan and cruelty-free, and are handmade too! It says they will soon be palm oil-free.

16. Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty’s luxurious lipsticks are natural and organic. They are incredibly creamy and hydrating, and also offers benefits from antioxidants used to produce the products.

17. Fat and The Moon

Fat and the Moon offers organic body care products and cosmetics in reusable and recyclable containers, too!

18. Elate Beauty

Elate Beauty dedicates itself to creating a large range of sustainable products that do not compromise the health of consumers, animal, or the planet. Its ingredients are 90% organic, and the Canadian company said it prioritizes ethical sourcing of materials. It is also moving towards zero-waste products.

19. Barefaced Beauty

BareFaced Beauty is certified by the Cruelty Free International and PETA, as well as the Vegan Society. These say a lot about the award-winning brand’s commitment to producing only naturally derived cosmetics.

20. PHB Ethical Beauty

The company’s makeup range uses mineral colors, organic oils, vitamins, and plant waxes. The eco-friendly makeup brand is registered with the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection and PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies campaign and is also accredited by the Vegan Society UK.

More and more people are joining the worldwide green movement in a bid to save the planet from the destructive effects of pollution, and you can, too!