How to Be Self-Confident on a First Date?

As every relationship has to start at some point, first dates are pretty much inevitable if you’re trying to meet someone new. But although exciting, first dates can also be incredibly nerve-wracking, leading you to constantly question yourself and worry about your choices. Thankfully, this experience doesn’t need to be so stressful. With these simple tips and tricks, you can easily be calm, confident and absolutely wonderful on your first date:

Be mindful of the outfit you wear

While it’s true that most of us feel self-conscious about our bodies in one way or another, entirely covering up your body when going on a date will do more harm than good. Chances are, you’ll simply end up looking prudish, unapproachable and seem like you’re ashamed of your own body when you hide it.

Instead, you should wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and great in your own skin. Aim for something that flatters your figure, accentuating the aspects you love, while hiding those parts you aren’t exactly obsessed with. That way, you will instantly appear happier and more confident to your date.

Think about hair and makeup

Similarly to your outfit, a full face of makeup that’s too heavy will appear as if you’re wearing a mask in an attempt to hide your face. A much better piece of advice would be to opt for minimal makeup that will hide any imperfections, while accentuating your natural beauty. Such a look will give you a more natural glow, while also allowing you to feel more confident, knowing that any flaws you might have are covered up.

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When it comes to your hair, it’s always best to opt for a long and loose, voluminous style, as it’s the ultimate confidence-booster. However, if you’re not naturally blessed with such full hair, it might be best to consider getting Russian virgin hair extensions that will give you the length and volume you need for that sexy, bombshell look.

Be your true, authentic self

From contemplating where you should place your hands to the meal you’re about to order, it can be incredibly easy to overthink things and get caught up in small details when you’re nervous. But before you spiral into stressful thinking, remember to take a deep breath.


There’s a good reason your date wants to take you out and get to know you better, and that reason is you and your wonderful personality. So don’t worry, and just be your authentic self, whether that means making your famous sarcastic comments or letting out that memorable quirky laugh. Not only will you feel much more comfortable and confident when you’re true to who you are, but your date will undoubtedly appreciate your candidness.

Know how to laugh it off

If anything uncomfortable or embarrassing happens on your date, your best chance is to just laugh it off, no matter how much you want the ground to swallow you up at that moment. By being able to stay positive about your lower moments, you will appear more open and self-assured to your date, while instantly improving the unfavorable situation.


Similarly, if your first date goes horribly and you start thinking about giving up on dating altogether, it might be a good idea to go home and listen to music that makes you happy or watch a movie that makes you laugh. That way, you can end the evening on a positive note, without losing any confidence you had beforehand.

Fake it ‘til you make it

If all else fails, you can always try faking confidence until you finally start believing in it. There’s truly no reason why your date needs to know that you’re a bit nervous and unsure of yourself. So, think of someone self-assured you admire, and try to copy the way they sound, walk and how they hold themselves, while accommodating those mannerisms to you. Even if you’re faking confidence, chances are your date will be none the wiser, and you might even forget that you’re acting somewhere along the way, ultimately becoming more comfortable and confident in yourself.

As long as you pay attention to a couple of details, and allow yourself some time to relax, you can easily be more confident, self-assured and undeniably more attractive on your first date.