Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Voice Acting

Many people get into voice acting, but not all of them become successful. You can only succeed in this industry by focusing on strategic planning. Though voice acting can expose you to numerous activities, the competition is stiff. Paying attention to the following can help you grow your voice acting career.

1. Do not skip on coaching

One of the things that make a lot of people indulge in this field is their excellent vocal qualities. If you have an appealing voice, being a voice actor can help you take up diverse roles and get paid for it. Adopting various roles and meeting the requirements needed is, however, challenging. You need a coach that can guide you through the problematic aspects of the job. Coaching can help you hone your skills and set you up for success in voice acting.


Even coaches have to go through continuous training to boost their expertise. Technology has made it easy for voice actors to get the coaching they need. Thanks to the availability of online coaching sessions, you don’t have to keep on attending physical classes when working on voice acting part-time. If you want the assistance of well-trained coaches who can help you take your career to the next level, go to website.

2. Practice

Apart from coaching, you have to put on a lot of individual effort to realize growth. Start by dedicating a few hours each day to practice. During practice, you can work on your voice and learn proper pronunciation. Having a clear voice and pronouncing words well can help you convey your message to the audience.


As you focus on improving your voice, you should always ensure that it is consistent. When doing a voice-over, you should show the same level of energy and maintain an even pace. Take your time to understand the set so that you can portray the right emotions in your voice. You should also learn how to control our volume and pitch based on various dialogues. During practice, you can teach yourself different breathing techniques. With a lot of practice, you will be able to master such skills and become a better voice-over actor.

3. Develop the business

Are you planning on doing voice overs long term? You have to think about how you can develop your business. You can achieve this through a marketing tool such as demos. Start creating demos for different types of performances. Every demo should show a certain vocal quality or skill. For instance, you can use a different accent or language while creating various demos. When you have demos ready, you can easily impress clients searching for a particular sound.

Apart from demos, going for auditions can also help you grow as a voice-over artist. This is a powerful opportunity that can help you enhance your skills. For you to develop your voice acting career, you also have to be selective. Rather than auditioning for any job, you should only focus on auditioning for voice acting jobs you are qualified for. Doing this ensures you don’t miss out on the best opportunities.

4. Build your network

For you to grow your voice acting, you should also have a network. Use social media communities, message boards on different online platforms and conferences to build a network. A network can help you obtain a job referral easily. It also enables you to be part of a supportive community. If you have worked for particular clients before, you should ask them for testimonials.


Posting their experience on your site can make it easy for other potential clients to consider hiring you for individual voice over roles. Many clients often look at the reviews that your past clients leave on your site before considering working with you.

5. Be flexible

Your voice acting business can grow once you learn how to adapt to new things. The most successful voice actors reveal that flexibility is the key to growth in this field. Once you learn how to adapt to various situations, you will not hesitate to take the different opportunities that you encounter from time to time. Start by learning how to use your voice differently so that you are considered to play different characters.