The Best New Green Energy Tech Could Be Right Underfoot

The advancement in science and technology is opening new pathways for the benefits of human beings. Among all the issues, the problem of electricity is a massive one. The electricity crisis is affecting a lot of sectors quite severely. People have to suffer from such cases, and not only this, the pollution is affecting the environment too.

Pollution is responsible for leaving the harmful chemicals in the atmosphere, which affect both the health of people and the ecosystem. Hence, a smart method introduced for the generation of electricity is the Electricity Generator Tile Project. Let us have a glance at it for making the idea even more transparent.

Efficient New Green Energy Technology

You would be amazed to know that you can be a part of generating electricity. Yes, you read it right! A new project on electricity consumes your kinetic energy right underfoot for generating electricity.


This exciting method works on storing the kinetic energy that you supply to the tile through walking on it. The main curious arise in the mind of people is how to calculate kinetic energy for this? How much kinetic energy is necessary for lighting a bulb or running a flywheel?

Well, the calculation for this no more challenging due to the facility of kinetic energy calculator. The demand for energy varies from object to object, and the Ke calculator will help you make calculations for it. The kinetic energy formula offers you a golden opportunity to calculate kinetic energy accurately. Each step on the tile counts for a specific amount of kinetic energy, which keeps on enhancing or adding more steps.  It is the basic principle behind this latest technology.

Mechanism of Electricity Generator Tiles

Lit up the street lights with this excellent approach and save fuel. Likewise, say goodbye to the gigantic generators that consume much of the fuel and affect your budget. It would lead to the generation of off-grid electricity, which you can use for multiple purposes. The moveable energy will lead to success and is found to be the main idea behind this excellent technological project.


This splendid new green energy technology’s main parts include three generators, pinion, two rack, gears, and spring. When an individual presses the tile due to walking on it, it will initiate driving the mini generator.

The foot movement in the vertical direction is a part of this mechanism as the system detects these to be a source of energy. The movement in the vertical direction is responsible for the rotatory motion. A significant amount of rotatory motion due to the number of vertical footsteps on the tile generates electrical energy. All the steps that the tile detects after being pressed with foot take for some watts. These watts store in it, and when it reaches the threshold, it can uninterruptedly provide the power supply.

With this eco-friendly approach, the world can easily combat the energy crisis and get an efficient power supply for its most important sectors, such as academia, industry, etc.