How Can Experienced Public Adjusters Maximize Your Insurance Claim?

When your property is damaged, it’s tricky to go through the claim process all by yourself, as insurance claims agents won’t reveal everything you need to know to get a fair settlement. Moreover, they tend to push people to settle as fast as possible. Since insurance agents work for insurance companies and not for you, they typically focus on lowering the claim compensation as much as possible.

This way, you are more than likely to get compensation lower than you should. But if you hire a public adjuster, you’ll be able to maximize your claim settlement as they know how insurance companies operate. Public adjusters are professionals who know how to negotiate on your behalf.

This article explains how public adjusters work and how they can help maximize your settlement.

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What is a Public Adjuster?

Experienced public adjusters, like those from Elite Resolutions, are professionals working on your behalf when you need assistance when filing a claim or think an amount offered by your insurance company was unfair or incorrect. They can file and negotiate claims for fire, flood, smoke, hurricane and wind damage, and harm caused by other hazards. They may also help you in case the loss of your business income is a result of property damage.

What Do Public Adjusters Do?

Public adjusters know the language of insurance policies and how to file and adjust claims. More often than not, they have experience in construction or similar professions. That said, here’s what public adjusters do:

  • They use advanced software to conduct a separate assessment of your property loss.
  • A public adjuster will collect detailed claim information that may be difficult for you to gather.
  • A public adjuster logs and submits both initial and additional claims on your behalf.
  • They help with negotiations with insurers and contractors.

With a public adjuster on your side, you can save both your time and money you could easily lose because of your inexperience in the field of insurance policies.

Public Adjusters vs. Company and Independent Adjusters

There are three main types of insurance adjusters – public, company, and independent adjusters, and they all serve to assess property loss and calculate how much a claim needs to be paid out. However, each is hired by a different set of people or companies, significantly impacting how they do their job and who will benefit most.

  • A company adjuster is hired by an insurer and sent to assess the claims the company’s policyholders filed.
  • An independent adjuster works for insurance companies under contract and is typically hired when needed, for example, in case of a rise in demand or for their expertise.
  • A public adjuster is employed by individuals to help them in the evaluation of property damage, file claims, and negotiate with insurance companies to obtain the maximum amount for the claim.

How Can a Skilled Public Adjuster Help Maximize Your Insurance Claim?

Since you’re the one who hires the public adjuster, they will do all in their power to maximize your insurance claim. Here’s how:

Public Adjusters Work for You

While your insurance company may be ready to pay on your insurance claim, they are working in their interest and looking to protect their money. That said, their insurance adjuster won’t side with you and will try to reduce the damage expenses as much as possible for the insurance company to pay less.

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With a public adjuster, you have the best chance of receiving a fair settlement as they work for you rather than for the insurance company.

No Emotional Attachment

The damage to your property will likely cause you stress and worries, leading to errors when filing your claim or accepting an unfairly small amount to end the process. With a public adjuster, you won’t have the chance to make such mistakes due to your emotional attachment to the property, as they will do the work for you.

Independent Investigation

When investigating claims, insurance adjusters obtain the information by asking many questions, some of which are meant to uncover property damage or coverage issues. If you’re anxious or don’t comprehend what they are aiming to reveal, you might provide answers that might threaten your claim.

Since you have to cooperate with your insurers, you won’t be able to refuse to answer their inquiry. That’s where public adjusters step in – they are experts in conducting independent investigations, noticing problems, and preparing you to handle the investigation of your insurers.

They Translate Complex Insurance Policy Language

Insurance adjusters frequently make it difficult to understand that there’s a coverage dispute. Instead, they mention the importance of reading your insurance policy that’s hard to understand.

On the other hand, a public adjuster will perceive coverage issues no matter how confusingly the insurance company states them. A skilled public adjuster requests the case information, audits your viewpoint, and drives the insurance company for quick development and resolution.

Public Adjusters Know When to Seek Help

Company insurance adjusters often present themselves as being the ones that have the last word in resolving your disputed coverage. However, that can’t be further from the truth. Even when your public adjusters can’t close the case, they know where to seek help – they will contact leaders like chiefs, directors, or officials who are more than competent to resolve your case.

They Understand the Insurance Company’s Strategies

Public adjusters know that when insurance adjusters have to push you into resolving your case fast or for a low amount, they often use immoral strategies. For example, they send a confusing coverage email or a check for an amount you’ve refused.

However, public adjusters know your legal rights and how to respond to insurance companies’ unfair strategies.

They Negotiate the Best Settlement

While company insurance adjusters look to close your claim as soon as possible and for the lowest amount possible, public adjusters look thoroughly at property damage and will negotiate until you receive the best settlement offer.

Public Adjusters Usually Work on a Contingency Basis

Since public adjusters usually work on a contingency basis, they won’t receive their payment until your claim is closed. So, they will strive to get the maximum amount for you, as that’s how they will get paid more.

Although the insurance company pays the claim, it will still benefit you to get the maximum amount to reduce the payment you will have to pay by yourself. The best way to do this is with the help of an experienced public adjuster, as they know how to obtain it.

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Should You Hire a Public Adjuster?

If you want to file an insurance claim, you should definitely consider employing a skilled public adjuster. That’s especially true if your claim is for a substantial sum. The best thing is – you don’t have much to lose as public adjusters typically visit home for free to determine the damage level and would an insurance claim be filed.

Even if you believe the estimated property loss is correct, it’s still a good idea to consult with a public adjuster, as they frequently discover that the estimate of loss is lower than it should be once they visit the home. Moreover, you may not consider all the expenses that can be included in your claim. However, an experienced public adjuster won’t disregard any expense.

Filing an accurate claim is vital to receiving a fair amount from your insurance company and covering the entire loss.