How to Get Rid of Blood-Thirsty Bed Bugs

Bed bugs won’t just gift your skin red blisters or itchy spots on arms, legs or neck but it would deprive you of your sleep, relaxation, and comfort too! Some individuals tend to showcase prominent rashes and others may even get a fever when suffering for a prolonged period of time. As bed bugs keep on reproducing, the issue must be addressed as soon as you learn about them thriving in your bed, sofa or your newborn’s cot!

Bed Bug Infested Mattress

Expensive bed bug sprays, vacuum cleaners or essential oils may save your exposed body parts temporarily at night, but undoubtedly it won’t put a stop to this menace. Also, whether the ingredients of these not-so-budget friendly chemicals are EPA approved or not – you may never know!

Timely tackling the issue at hand is the answer when you ask, How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs!

For this, many reliable, prolific and competent companies (who’re just a call away), would save your furniture from this fast-growing dilemma in Houston TX!

Prepare the Room

Any mattress that is drowned in heavy infestation, it is advised to secure it with a covering, which is bed bug proof like vinyl mattress covers. This must be done before moving the mattress from its original place. Also, cover your box spring with a special box spring encasement!

Significantly, when there’s no other option than to dispose of or replace the mattress, which has officially become filthy and unhygienic (due to fecal waste everywhere), you must completely cover the mattress in plastic as to protect the sanitation workers too.

Likewise, infested sheets, garments, linen or any other material contaminated should be washed and then dried in the washer dryer. Know that high heat, around 120 degrees F is what will aid in killing all bed bugs. Yet it is a good idea to spread all your clothes, and other stuff in the sun before you use them again!

Other items including stuff toys or books can be placed in an air-tight bin or huge zip lock bags along with vapor strip to eliminate the creepy crawlies for good!

Hire a Professional Company

The notion of hiring a professional pest control company is your best bet because they are not just trained or equipped with the latest methods, they are also fully aware of the entire life cycle of a typical bed bug.

DIY’s might tell you a few tricks about how to kill bed bugs yet several times, the technique may not work as the thought of because bed bugs develop resistance and certain species are extremely taxing to eradicate. Vacuuming and washing steal a lot of time at hand and the outcomes aren’t 100% successful either!

Go for Thermal Treatment

Thermal treatment for bed bugs involves the use of powerful heaters. Attaining a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, heat is distributed and in turn, affects the entire room giving no chances to bed bugs to hide in tiny spaces. Even the eggs are killed when this temperature is maintained for a while!

When a skillful exterminator effectively and efficiently carries out this procedure, as a result, there won’t be a single bed bug left in any corner of your bed or sofa! Many bed bug control companies in Houston TX, offer a guarantee of their services and most of the times, a sound company offer follow-up inspections to ensure how effectively the treatments have been carried out.

Environment-Friendly Methods

Insecticides and harmful pesticides aren’t the only solutions to remove bed bugs for good! Nature-friendly, odorless and toxin-free products are available now and only a few handful companies tend to get a hold of it, due to availability and cost! Because the use of these products is very safe, if you have a baby or toddler at home, your air won’t be filled with any smelly chemicals that can be truly dangerous for kids and even adults with allergies or sensitivities.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay?

Delaying or procrastinating the matter won’t help in getting rid of those prominent red bumps on your skin, which often bleeds as one tends to scratch it again and again!

Because lack of sleep may take a toll on your work life, daily routine, mood or studies, it is better to reach out a dedicated and competent team who’d make sure the matter is resolved within a couple of hours and that too at incredibly flexible rates!