Home Remodel Tips: 10 Ways to Keep Costs Down

When planning to redecorate your home, you should know that creating a budget is the basic thing you need to focus on.  A budget will help you clearly define what you can bear without unnecessary debts and loans. With it you will be able to create priorities defined by your needs and creative ideas. We have prepared a list of 10 easy ways to reduce costs during home remodel:

1. Project planning

Planning a home renovation is an essential item that can save you a lot of time and money. Before the contractors come and the works start, you need to be sure of your decisions. Also think about the effectiveness of your projects. If you change the floor in one room, know that it is cheaper to do it immediately in another. By working at the same time, you can save money on materials and labor.


2. Make the most of the space you have

When renovating the premises, we should make the best use of the space available to us. For example, if you are renovating a kitchen, it is important to think about what elements you need. How functional they will be and how you can renovate the kitchen without tearing down the walls for expansion.

3. Be precise in arrangements

When talking to designers, you need to tell them clearly how much money you can spend. At the meeting you should define the exact prices of services and materials. Look for an accurate view and ask if there are better and more affordable options for remodeling if the figure exceeds 80% of the combined budget. Your goal is to get quality service at an affordable price and you will most likely need to contact multiple companies or contractors.

4. Trends can be expensive

We know that styles are constantly changing and if we want to keep up with the most recent trends it will cost us dearly. Trends are transient, so you will end up in a situation where you renovate your home every few years without a real need. You need to observe what you possess. Conceivably you already possess things in the garage that need renovation.

For example, if you are renovating a living room, you can use old or used furniture that you will just change into the desired design. If you have spread carpets then call pro carpet cleaning and place them back in the living room. It will be like new! Examine all the things in the home that you already have starting with tables, chairs, lighting, armchairs and all other furniture. Pieces of furniture sometimes just require some restoration.


5. Don’t forget about unexpected expenses

Renovation experts say you always leave 20% of your planned budget for contingencies. When the works start it is too late to give up. That is why it is recommended to leave the money aside because it turned out that it was always required.

6. Participate in home remodeling

For large projects it is important to hire professionals guaranteed to meet your expectations and make your home look the way you have always wanted. To save money you need to actively participate in every project. Invite friends or neighbors to help you clean the space.

The contractors will definitely do that, but they will charge for that service separately. You can also paint and glue tiles or do something else you know. This way you will keep hundreds of dollars!

7. Renovation without a project manager

If you don’t hire a project manager, it will save you up to 20% of your budget. The savings are great, but you have to monitor the work and be available to solve any problem. To perform this part of the job successfully you need to possess logistical skills. If you are working on smaller home projects, basic knowledge in the field of renovation and construction will be enough.

8. Pay in cash

When you pay the materials and costs of the contractor in cash, you can avoid the interest that occurs if you take a loan. In addition, suppliers want to provide customers with an additional discount on services when they pay in cash.

9. Recycling centers will spare you money

You can select refurbished materials that are on average up to 60% cheaper. The materials are of good quality, but their price is exceedingly lower than in retail. You can also ask your supplier for materials left over from previous works.


10. Purchase goods at a discount

When we renovate a home, we remember we need new appliances or new pieces of furniture. The best solution is to wait for a discount or buy with a coupon. During Black Friday and seasonal discounts, you can save a lot of money on new things.

Buying used items can be a great solution, especially for kitchen appliances that can be purchased with an extended warranty. If you desire new things, then you need to sell the old ones. This way you can save up to 30% on room renovation.

Bottom Line

Home remodel can be a challenging task but with these practical tips, you will be capable to redecorate your home to your liking. You will save money and maintain the quality!