Meest Explains: Is Port-to-Port International Cargo Shipping Right for You?

Are you involved in international trade? If so, you’re probably well-acquainted with the term “port-to-port” shipping cargo international option. But do you know how this transportation method works? At Meest Global Logistics, we’re here to reveal the ins and outs of choosing port-to-port for international ocean shipping. This might help you decide whether this option suits your business needs.

What’s Port-to-Port International Shipping?

Port-to-port shipping cargo international method is about moving your goods in containers from one port to another. It handles the central part of the cargo trip without covering transport to or from the ports. This option is great for businesses that know the ropes of shipping and can handle the logistics themselves.

port to port international cargo

Perks of Port-to-Port International Shipping

Here are some significant benefits that our clients love:

Great for Bulk Shipping

If you’re sending many products from the USA overseas, port-to-port shipping is super handy. It’s even better to have a trusted shipping partner waiting at the destination. Staying in touch with them helps keep your items safe and sound during the trip.

Affordable Shipping Options

Even if you have a go-to freight forwarder, connecting with others to compare prices and ensure a good deal is good. Port-to-port shipping companies usually list prices so you can easily see which option works best for you.

port to port international cargo

Downsides of Port-to-Port International Shipping

Here are a couple of things that might not work for your business:

  • It’s Slow: Port-to-port shipping takes longer compared to air shipping. It usually takes at least a month for your package to arrive, assuming no delays. Even with faster ships, it’s not ideal if you need quick delivery.
  • Prone to Delays: If keeping customers happy is your primary goal, port-to-port cargo freight international shipping might not be the best option. Weather and other logistical issues can cause delays, impacting customer satisfaction and making it harder for your business to thrive.


International freight can be tricky as you have to deal with many questions, like deciding between ocean or international air freight shipping. You must choose between loading (FCL and LCL) and delivery options. To make things easier, fill out our online form to get a quote, delivery time, and other essential details from our managers.