Why You Should Choose An Aluminum Deck?

Wood and vinyl are popular choices for a deck. Wood is the classic choice, while vinyl and plastic are creeping into the market because of how low-maintenance they are. However, there is a new, better option that you probably haven’t considered: aluminum. If you’re looking for a sturdy decking that is good for the environment, aluminum is the choice for you. You won’t harm any trees or create new plastic, and aluminum is completely recyclable.

Superior Deck and Fence, a deck builder in Cherry Hill, NJ, says, “Aside from PVC and vinyl decking, aluminum is the sturdiest decking material. Wood requires the most maintenance, lasts the least amount of time, and is the least customizable.” Here are the many reasons you should choose an aluminum deck for your home.

8 Advantages of Aluminum Decking

1. You’ll Save Money Over Time

Aluminum might be the most expensive option to buy, but it will save you money down the road on repairs and replacements. Wood deck and plastic deck both can be damaged much more easily than aluminum.

Those repair costs will add up, and if the damage is bad enough, you could end up needing to replace your entire deck. Aluminum does not have this problem. It will last as long as you want it.

2. It’s Strong and Lasts Long

An aluminum deck will never sag because it is incredibly strong and light. It will be able to handle whatever furniture, planters, and people you put on it.

It is simple to install and will last a long time. And if you do decide to replace your deck in the future, it can easily be recycled.

3. Make a Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Choice

The fact that it lasts so long and can be recycled easily makes it one of the most environmentally friendly decking options if not the most. It is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

There is also plenty of recyclable aluminum available that can be used for decks. Choosing aluminum saves trees, which are not as readily available. More trees means more oxygen and less CO2 in the air.

4. It’s Water and Fireproof

Water and fire will damage every other type of decking material. Aluminum is the only option that shrugs off both.

Rain and snow won’t do a thing to it, and UV rays from the sun won’t affect it either. And if you want to store things under the deck, they will remain completely dry.

advantages of aluminium deck

Plus you will never have to worry about dropping hot coal on the deck and ruining it. Theoretically, you could build a fire on the deck, and it wouldn’t be damaged. However, we do not recommend this. It will make the deck dangerously hot.

5. Pests Can’t Ruin It

Another common problem for decks is pests. Termites, ants, and other creatures will make quick work of a wooden deck. Nothing is going to eat or burrow into your aluminum deck.

The most you’ll have to deal with are stray cats and other critters who lay on your deck in the summer to get some sun without overheating. A dog can keep these creatures away from your house, and scarecrow-type products are available as well.

6. It Requires Little Maintenance

Wood needs to be painted and sealed regularly, and plastic decking can still get stains on it that will need to be scrubbed. Aluminum decking just requires a rinse every so often.

As mentioned before, fire won’t even leave a mark. If you drop a piece of charcoal, just hose it off and wipe the spot dry.

7. It’s Cool in the Summer and Impervious to Winter Cold

You’d think that metal would get hot in the summer, but it stays cool no matter how hot it is outside. The misconception about it getting hot is one of the top reasons people choose a different material, but it’s one of the best options for sensitive feet.

It will get cold in the winter, but it won’t be damaged. Wood can become warped by the cold, and other metals can become brittle. Aluminum is immune to the cold.

8. Railings Can Be Customized

Aluminum can be bent and twisted into whatever creative design you want. Wood and plastic are less malleable, especially wood. And most wood and plastic decks come as is without customization.

You’re only limited by your own creativity and budget. You can add spirals, spikes, and zigzags to create a gothic look. Flowers, faces, orbs, and geometric shapes can be designed into the rails.

You can’t get the same level of detail from a wood carving, and you definitely don’t want to carve into plastic. Wood carvings will also degrade over time, while aluminum designs will last as long as the deck.

If you’re looking for a modern deck that will save you money over time, last many years, and help the environment, aluminum is your best option. Making a big investment now is a good choice for your future.

What materials are you considering for your deck? Let us know in the comments!