Benefits of Small Log Cabins

Small log cabin kits have huge advantages over having to shape your logs from scratch on site. To best illustrate this point, let’s take a look at how things are done to build a small log cabin without the benefit of pre-shaped, interlocking logs, made precisely to fit in certain places within the structure’s design.

You basically start with the foundation logs, then the next logs which are to be placed atop those must be shaped to conform with them, cutting them to fit the contours of the first set. Then each successive log must be shaped as it comes next to be placed according to the logs set previously before them.

In this manner, you cannot ready any number of logs ahead, but must fit each and every one, one at a time. This is far too much of a time consuming method.

This is where small log cabin kits come in. With each log pre-shaped in the factory and all shaped perfectly to fit with each other, and all marked according to order of placement and where each one goes, the greater part of the work is already done before the parts even get to the construction site.

small log cabins

The most appealing part of the whole concept of small log cabin kits is the simplicity – the ease of construction and the short amount of time that’s needed for building it all. What may have taken many months to complete can now only require a few short weeks of construction work. And this is one of the biggest advantages – time.

These are some of the benefits of small log cabin kits which make more sense to invest in. Even more common sense is the log cabins for sale kits with pre-shaped logs is more cost effective.