5 Best Games Of 2022

While the last two years have shown that things can go wrong at any moment, it’s hard to look at the 2022 game release and not get excited about what could be the best game this year. Let’s look at some of the biggest games in 2022 and why you should have them on your wishlist.


While it took a long time to release Dying Light 2, it is one of the most anticipated sequels of one of the surprise hit video games of 2015. Fans can only guess that Techland looked for ways to improve the game’s free running action by telling a more ambitious story that encompasses an attempt to reunite divided humans.

The area where the story takes place is called The City. The game’s first-person shootout and parkour gameplay are not but stand-up delights. Besides, the time you choose to spend in the massive, locked-down city, you won’t get bored with it.

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It is obvious for many gamers to consider Sniper Elite franchise as a violent, Nazi-killing fest. While it is true, the game is a paragon for excellent design and it appears that Sniper Elite 5 continues to follow that trend. The game features some of the best sandbox missions that you have ever played.

You have to sprawl across coastal chateaus, bucolic wineries, and mine-riddled beaches while capitalizing on every chance that gives you the sightline despite being narrow to shatter another Nazi skull. However, the task isn’t easy because the plot takes you to the World War II era in France.


Before the release of Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017, nobody knew what to expect. But Guerrilla Games made the game enjoyable and unique. With diverse new biomes and an expanded item system, the Horizon Forbidden West might just prove superior compared to its predecessor.

This game might turn out to be one of the most undeniable franchises. Hence, you should play this game instead of googling for the best website to buy college papers sometimes. The game’s open-world feels like a gift where you can spend hours exploring its gorgeous corner.


When you combine Soulsborne Mechanics and an open-world setting, you get Elden Ring, which is arguably one of the most anticipated games of all time. Although plenty of games have tried to emulate Breath of the Wild, the first game to succeed is Elden Ring. With an impressive landscape that takes many years to decipher, it is a kind of game where you can expect impenetrable, mysterious, and ultimately rewarding. In short, this game is a marvel.

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This game is much about the evolution of Leo video games as it depicts the story of the titular Stars Wars family. The game features hundreds of characters alongside updated combat that brings depth. Also, it remixes some of the iconic moments from the cinema.

As such, the game provides you with a fresh feel alongside giving the players a chance to experience the famous Death Star trench when they run for themselves. Nevertheless, it is a thrilling adventure game more than leveraging nostalgia.