Residential Locksmith Services – 3 Helpful Tips To Save You Money

Money makes the world go round, as the old saying goes. And while that’s true, in these turbulent and uncertain times, budgets have gotten tighter, and we have to watch the pennies and cents a little more than we used to.

We all have our respective budgets to adhere to, both personally and professionally, so when unexpected and decidedly inconvenient happenstances occur, like something malfunctioning with regards to the locks or keys to your home, business, or vehicle, it can potentially cost not only precious time but money as well.

In such a scenario, you will inevitably require the services of an expert, qualified locksmith technician but how do you go about ascertaining what kind of fees you should expect for hiring such a specialized professional that fits within your budget parameters?


Whilst it’s impossible to give you specific numbers with regards to individual fees from individual locksmith services, nonetheless, we’ve compiled three tips for you that hopefully give a clearer and better idea of how to save money when hiring a locksmith.

1. 24-hour locksmith services available any time of the day or night

When you need to hire the services of a professional locksmith, and you’re concerned but how much it will cost, first of all, shop around, ask friends or family or acquaintances if they know or can recommend a good locksmith,  or google local locksmiths and read the reviews from other customers.

One of the first things to consider when choosing a locksmith is whether they operate 24 hours a day. This is actually rather important because not only may you need a locksmith outside of normal business hours, but if you choose a locksmith that may not ordinarily make calls 24/7, then they may charge you an exorbitant fee should you need them at a later time, certain holidays, or at the weekend.

The prudent thing when contacting a potential locksmith is to enquire whether they are a 24-hour service and what kind of fees they charge for callouts outside normal business hours.  But whoever you choose, ensure they work 24/7 before you hire them. A penny saved is a penny earned.

If you’re looking for such a locksmith in CT, one of the more prominent 24-hour companies is Sure Lock & Key who operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is sure to respond to any customer whenever required.

2. Finding a locksmith near me and saving money in the process

Another factor to consider when hiring a locksmith while also looking for cost-saving measures is the proximity of said locksmith to your location. If you’re wanting to keep costs as low as possible, hiring a good locksmith who will have to travel a great distance will not only be a waste of time but also money as it will unnecessarily add to the final bill amount.

It’s better to look for a local locksmith nearest you, and barring that, look for a locksmith with mobile units across the state, at least one of which will hopefully be within your immediate locality.

Most of the most prominent market leaders in CT locksmith services have multiple mobile locksmiths on call at any one time. Such a locksmith is Sure Lock & Key who pride themselves on having mobile locksmiths across CT and ready to come to a customer within a very short time of being contacted.

Ask about the locality of the locksmith when you talk to them initially… it’s better to save now than pay later!

3. Finding the right locksmith services for the right occasion

The third and final tip for keeping costs low while hiring a locksmith is to make sure that the locksmith you hire can actually do the job you require of them.

Being a qualified locksmith is a specialized skill, it’s not just locks and keys that need to be repaired or replaced sometimes, and if you have a locksmith issue that requires a more specialized skill set, it’s important that you enquire about this when contacting a potential locksmith.

Your locksmith issue may require more time and labor than usual, so ensure that you are very clear when talking to the locksmith about what specific problem you have, what is the best and most cost-effective way to resolve it, whether the locksmith can handle such an issue, and what are the fees for such a task, including any potential ancillary fees that may be incurred.

Your time and money are precious commodities not to be wasted or taken for granted, and the very best locksmith services will want to ensure your satisfaction. A most prominent locksmith will be only too happy to answer your questions about their capabilities as well as costs with regards to any locksmith issues you may need resolving.

Hopefully, we’ve given you a constructive guide to not only getting the locksmith service that’s right for your needs but will also be easy on your wallet.

Good luck!