Salman Zafar has professional affiliation with many organizations around the world. Here are some of them:

  • CEO and Founder, BioEnergy Consult ( India) – Advisory, Consulting and Training in Waste-to-Energy, Waste Management, Biomass Energy, Biogas, Biofuels, Recycling and Renewables

  • Founder, EcoMENA (Qatar) – Environmental Awareness, Environmental Education, Knowledge Dissemination, Mentorship, Consultancy, Training and Youth Mobilization

  • Founder, Cleantech Solutions (India) – Environmental Awareness, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Consulting and Entrepreneurship

  • Freelance Columnist – Forbes Middle East (Dubai)
  • President of India Chapter, World Energy and Environment Council, Canada
  • Cleantech Mentor, The IDHouse (UK)
  • Editorial Board Member, Book Series on Environmental Sustainability, Palgrave-Mcmillan (USA)
  • Advisory Board Member, AgriMech, a monthly magazine on agricultural mechanisation
  • Professional writer
  • Amateur blogger
  • Voluntary guidance to entrepreneurs, researchers and students.
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